US HISTORY 3/4-3/8

Fort McHenry under siege during the War of 1812

Fort McHenry under siege during the War of 1812

This week we will finish Unit 6 – The New Republic!

Student-friendly Objectives:

1. I can explain the origin and development of political parties.

2. I can explain how the election of Andrew Jackson expanded voting rights (suffrage). 

3. I can explain the causes, important events, and effects of the War of 1812 [and analyze how it changed the economy of the U.S.].

4. I can identify the foreign policies of presidents Washington through Monroe and explain the impact of Washington’s Farewell Address and the Monroe Doctrine.

5. I can locate Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and New Orleans. 

Unit 6 Notes and Power Point


1. Do Now

2. Finish Lesson #3 Notes: “What foreign policy steps did the leaders of the new Republic take to protect national security? and Check Point

3. Begin Lesson #4 Notes: “How did Jefferson’s and Madison’s presidencies affect the new Republic?” and Check Point

4. Review Graded Work

5. Begin HW

HW – Unit 6 Guided Reading Part II (Ch 9) #1-26


1. Do Now and Grade Do Nows #52-57

2. Check HW

3. Finish Lessons #4 and #5 (“What was the “Era of Good Feelings” and how did Jackson’s presidency expand suffrage?” and Check PointNotes

4. Unit 6 Quest #1-20

5. Begin CW/HW – Louisiana Purchase Map

HW – Louisiana Purchase Map due at end of class Friday


1. Do Now

2. Preview Spring Break Activity

3. Finish Louisiana Purchase Map Activity

Extra Credit:

Weekly Bonus: For +10 each toward your lowest Daily Grades, view the following 4 Brain Pops and email me ( your quiz results from the Brain Pop website. Search in Social Studies for the US Government Section. The login and password are on the red bulletin board near the door.

1. Political Parties (US Government)

2. French Revolution (US History, all others are US History)

3. James Madison

4. Lewis and Clark

5. Thomas Jefferson


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